Monday, August 18, 2014

Sunday Funday !

               Another great Summer day !
Summer days are almost coming to an end ...
My husband & I had some fun on Sunday doing what we like most ....
enjoying the outdoors with getting some exercise with  fresh air however  I might add it was a very Hot day 
due to the fact we live in Florida 
 so we much needed to end the day with
cooling off in our pool ! 

We always feed the birds  at the park 
we also
 ran into this big guy ...
Mr Turtle ..strutting along !!!
Pit-stop on the playground !!!
Fun ...Fun ...Fun !
Well we biked through 3 parks ...
Time to Cool off !!!
My Stud muffin hubby was a lil sad because I didn't bring him a cold one!
(Enjoing my Gluten-Free beer)
A wonderful Sunday Funday 
spent with my husband !  
ⓛ ⓞ ⓥ ⓔ ♡ 


Thursday, July 31, 2014

❤ Our Anniversary Dinner ❤

 ❤Happy Anniversary Dinner❤
It was a very special night 
for my husband & I !!! 
Yeah !!! We made it to 25 years !!!
Let the celebration Begin!!!!
My husband came home with a 
beautiful bouquet of Roses !!!!
 My husband always 
picks out the best cards!!!
We decided to have dinner at
 Spinners Rooftop Revolving Bistro. 
It has been many years since we have dined there and the view is breathtaking....
     Romantic !!!!
We enjoyed a cocktail at the bar ...
then we got seated to our table 
with the view of St. Petersburg Beach.
The restaurant slowly revolves 360 degrees. 
As you rotate around ...
There were signs posted up to tell you how many miles away from where we are to  places
in the North, South, East & West direction. 
 Our dinner was great !
It took about an hour
 to circle around the restaurant.
With toasting to a  few drinks ...
Not sure if my husband 
has goo goo eyes for me 

or ....
hes about ready to get off the
 "Carousel of Love ride"
Honestly I was feeling alil
 motion sickness too...
I had a wonderful 25th Anniversary !

Looking forward to the many ...
 more years of marriage !!!!