Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Suzy!

My Best friend Birthday was on Saturday.
I wanted to do something special ...
Remembering back in the days 
she kept a book of Lyrics & Poems...
so I thought instead of a Birthday card 
I would try and write a special poem for her !

A Poem to My BFF Sista for her Birthday

It doesn’t matter how long 
we have been best friends
It all started when we first met
 we both knew we would just click
So we decided BFF soulmate sista begins !
We are there for each other 
through thick in thin we stick
Cause I know we were brought together by fate
That keeps  true to our hearts to this date!


I love being your best friend
It is the easiest thing to do
I just have to be myself
And share all my joys to hardships
secrets with you !


Funny how we know each other’s thoughts
 before we speak
With our laughter at times that nobody  gets
We are here for each other day by day 
week by week
I’m so ever grateful for you my BFF with no regrets!

So happy birthday,my dearest best friend
My soulmate sista  till the end!
So here's a  Birthday wish for you

I always wish the best in everything you do!


For our friendship will always stay true
With so many happy times for us to share

We will always stick together like glue

I could not be without my BFF

 just that thought I can not bare!

I love you BFF Sista ! 

Happy Birthday Suzy!