Friday, April 4, 2014

❀Get Well Soon ❀

Get Well Flowers Benny!!!


My Best friend Suzy's pet cat-Benny 
had surgery last week .
He had alot of lumps in his chest .
 Poor lil fellar is a trooper.
He received 70 stitches from removing all the lumps.  Ben is indeed a really good cat. He is so friendly and never cries(Meow -whiner) and is easy to please.
 He is a part of the family . 
Suzy saved him when he was a kitten ...
Later that week we got the bad news
 that Benny has cancer. 
My sister in-law(BFF) is so upset and my heart and prayers  go out to her and Benny . 

I feel for Benny ...
I too have been battling illness 
but hardly compared to Bennys.
I have what the Doctor diagnosed as Lymphangitis.
Hard word to swollow...
I have swollen lymph nodes in my groin area. 
Looking back ... it all started in February ...
Not pretty ...Ughhh :(
I was trying to read and ice at the same time!

I had an eye infection which  got worse before getting better then traveled to my ear ...
I took 2 types of antibiotics 
then that all cleared up ...
however traveled into the lymphatic system .
So I am back on Bed Rest and Antibiotics 
with applying warm compresses. 
The doctor hasn't ruled out an Ingquinal hernia as of yet , he didn't feel anything so  we are gonna  go this route first if I'm not better in 10 days 
then I will get a CT scan 
to hopefully find a solution. 
I can't wait to get back to my cheerful self again !!!!
It has been scary for  me and the worry wart that I am always assume the worst. 
So I'm sending a ....
Get well to the both of us !!!! 
We both Rest up!!!
I'm praying that Benny recovers from his surgery and the cancer doesn't come back .
I'm praying and I have faith 
that I Too will start feeling better soon !!!! 
Oh to make matters worse...
 I Ripped my nail off my thumb and it has a cut so deep that throbs and is very painful...

Never a dull moment !!!!

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  1. Rest in Peace Benny !!!! My BFF had to put Benny down the other day , very sad his cancer came back . My BFF is mourning deeply and I wish I could be there to comfort her for the loss of her cat and friend . Benny was family and he will be missed !