Monday, April 7, 2014

A Few Family Visitors !!!

We had a few Family Visitors
 it was so nice to enjoy their company 
while they were here on their trips.
Enjoy the few pics ...

Rick's step -father Jay came for a visit .  
He made a far trip from Odessa, Washington.
 Rick & Jay in Orlando ...

 MyMother in-law and her husband Ron
always come down for a much longer stay to get away from the much colder weather in Pittsburgh,Pa.
They arrived in January and just left at the end of March.
Looking forward to them coming back soon !!!!
This was us having a fun day Consignment shopping !!!!
(A good day for me! )

I didn't get to do much with them due to me not feeling well.
I am so happy they understand !
I had missed out on this great dinner night outing
 because I was on a liquid diet & on bed rest. 
Thanks Jay for buying me every color
 of the rainbow of Jello!!!!
I made them all that night . 
Rick, Jay , Ron & Carol

Rick enjoyed  his time with Ron 
 getting exercise at the park
 and watching sports, 
going to baseball games. 
Rick & I enjoyed having our Family Visitors !!!

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