Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Rick!

Happy Birthday !!!

      Today is my wonderful husband’s “50th “ Birthday.

       A Birthday I’m sure he will remember…

not just because he  turned 50 ”over the hill “ years old.

He is so wonderful sacrificing the day to be by my side for a colonoscopy procedure I had done today with arriving at the surgery center by 

9am and we didn’t get home until 2pm. 

My poor husband had to nurse me through the awful prep the night before so we both got little sleep.   

Too make things worse .....

which my husband & I can look back at this and laugh 

Let me just say ....
My husband also had to play the role of a Plumber
 (He was not happy)
the worry wort that I am was following so many reviews on- line about doing the bowel prep which advised to buy plenty of 
A & D wipes …
well let me just tell you that I must of used 
half the package and clogged our toilet . 
It was not a pretty site …hahaha
 see I can laugh at it now.

  At the surgery center we said a Prayer before I went back to have the colonoscopy
then my husband said to me that 
his Birthday wish
birthday wish photo: Birthday 678963bw5rtow6av.gif
is to let this test come out ok . 
He gave me a kiss and off I went to surgery room
 and they gave me something to make me go asleep. 
Well I made it through the colonoscopy 
with 2 polyps removed. 
Everything else came out ok. 
We just have to wait on lab results. 
I have to go back to the general surgeon for a laparoscopy 
which the problem for my pain could be adhesions 
neuropathy is still 
in questioned for nerve pain, 
or a theory of a possible abdominal migraine.
 I feel I’m on the road to recovery very soon. 
I don’t know what I do without my husband’s love and support these last couples months. 
He has been keeping my spirits uplifting .
Even on his Birthday!

We both took a much needed nap when we got home.

 I still wanted today to be special for him .
  For one of his Birthday gifts I booked my husband a massage so off he went to escape and relax then  he came home to a Ribeye steak dinner 
 Birthday cupcakes!

 We both agreed that we will celebrate both our Birthday dinner night out

 (since I was also not well on my Birthday) 
as soon as I’m in better health.
  I’m so looking forward to that !!!!
 My husband said to me he still had a nice Birthday 
That made me very happy !
I Love you !
blue hearts photo: blue hearts wwe.gif

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day !

Thinking of my son today who is serving in the Air Force military. 
 I just wanted to say Thank you to him and to the many other military
 men & women serving our country for their sacrifices for our freedom!
 Remembering & Honoring our Fallen Heroes!!!!!
Never Forgotten!!!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Welcome Home & Saying Good-Bye !


  Welcome HOME  !

 Saying Good-bye!

  My son Rick came Home on leave from the Air Force .
It was so nice to spend some time with him since
 we haven't seen each other in a long time.
  He spent most of the his time visiting old friends 
and golfing with his dad. 
 I'm glad he had fun and  was able to relax. 
 He enjoyed just hangin out in his old bedroom again 
and going through some old childhood collections
 that luckly I saved for him .
  He is gonna cash in on his Pokemon cards.
In Mint condition the one card he checked is worth $500.
Thanks Mom !

   He ofcourse enjoyed playing  the guitar .
His Dad gave to him.

The day he left to go back to his Air Force base...
 It was hard to say Good-bye.
 Of course I was in tears because 
I miss my son so very much.
Once you become a Mom your a Mom forever!!!
Nothing changes !
 To a mom he is still that lil boy of yours!
 In the same sense what a Man he has become.
 I am so proud of him and his achievements.  
It was great to have him Home!!!!
Miss him already !!!!