Friday, May 16, 2014

✿ Happy Mother's Day ✿

      Happy Mom's Day!
Mother's Day this year was so special!
My son was home on leave from the Air Force.
He made my day HAPPY!!!!
My son surprised me with Roses 

a yummy 
Chocolate Chip cookie cake !
My Mom enjoyed the card  
I made &wrote for her!  

She is so special to me!!!
I love her so much !!!!
Hope all the Mothers I know had a wonderful day !
I will end this post with a prayer from a blog I follow 
for those that are missing their loved ones !
For me ....
I'm missing my Grandmother !!!

Post-Mother's Day Prayer

be with those who have lost children, who want to be mothers but can't, or who are missing their own mothers. Comfort them and hold them in your arms. 
Be everything they need. 


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