Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Spooktacular Event

           19th Annual Halloween Spooktacular Event at Largo Central Park!
                                    Trick or Treat Trail !!!

My friend, Lana who works for Grow Financial Credit Union 
was handing out candy as a sponsor at the event . 
I told her I would stop by and lend a helping hand.
There were plenty of Trick-Or-Treaters  !!!
(I thought these two were Unigue) 
Bounce Houses !!!
(There had to been 20 bounce houses in the park)

The Trick or Treat trail looked like it was never ending ...

You can see the kids were having so much Fun !!!
So many activities ....
Canoe rides, Bungee Jump, Train rides, Games ..

My friend, Lana  and her co-worker ...  
 Lana & I 
with the Unofficial Mascot 
"Grant the Ant" 
who also dressed up as a 
Scarecrow for Halloween !

 I had a fun day hanging out with my friend Lana!



                       EGG IN A HOLE
To start my Saturday Morning off ...
I made a simple but yummy Breakfast!

  • 2 slices of Gluten –Free bread
  • 1 tablespoon Earth Balance  butter spread
  • 2 large eggs(Cage Free eggs- No added hormones)
  • Salt(I use Pink Himalayan salt)
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Non-Stick Cooking spray (I use Coconut oil)
  • Choice of Jam or Jelly
  • Cookie /Biscuit cutters

    First you will need to cut a hole
     in the center of the slices of bread.
    *Special occasion:
     You can  use any shape cookie cutter ...
    Heart-Valentine's Day 
    Star-4th of July
    Pumpkin,Ghost,Bats etc-Halloween
    Gingerbread Man-Christmas
    (You get the idea!)
    Next you will need to butter the slices of bread


                                                     & the cut-out pieces.

                         Spray your pan with non-stick spray
    Toast the cut-out pieces. 

          Butter the the back of the slices of bread to toast...

    Place that side down in the pan , 
    then crack one egg in each hole.

    Today I'm making mine plain & simple...
    You can add toppings at this point etc...
    • Cheese(dairy-free)
    • Hot sauce
    • Veggies 
    • Garlic salt
    •  Bacon or Sausage crumbles.  
                                            Add Salt & Pepper to each egg...
                                      Cook for 1-2 minutes...
     Make sure the egg is set before flipping, otherwise the egg  will drop out of the hole.
    Then cook for another minute or two on that side.

    Make your eggs to your liking...
    Today I'm going for Over-Medium.
    The toasted cut-outs makes great
    for over~ easy egg yolks!!! 
    Place your "Egg in a Hole" on a plate ....
    I topped the toasted cut-out pieces with Strawberry Jam
     added some fruit...
    Served with ...
     A cup of Joe !!!
    ~Wala ~
    Breakfast is served !!!
   Enjoy !!!