Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ricky's Deployment visit


My son is deploying again overseas in March to United Arab Emirates.
                                                                (Safe zone)
                                     First thing I rearched :(Mother's worry)
The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates on the eastern side of the Arabian peninsula, at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. It has coastlines on the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, with Saudi Arabia to the west and southwest, and Oman to the southeast and also on the eastern tip of the Musandam Peninsula as well as an Omani enclave within its borders. It is a country rich in history and culture and an easy starting point for travels in the Middle East

 My son will be on deployment for 6 months then he has completed his 6 yrs of service with the Air force.
  I'm so very proud of him and what he has accomplished.  

                                    Here are a few pics of our visit to Shreveport, LA 

                                               Rick and I on the rooftop of the Hilton Hotel 
                                                   That overlooks Downtown Shreveport
                                                        (The weather was a bit chilly)

                                                           The view from our room 
                                       Not really much to see, however was a sunny day
                        First night we all headed to Ricky's Favorite place to eat dinner.
                                                     O'Brien's Irish Pub & Restaurant

                                               Located at the Louisiana Boardwalk 
                                       cross the Red river from downtown Shreveport


'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree'

                                          Like Father Like Son -Shots of Southern Comfort
                                                          I had a Killians Irish Red        
                                                One more -Ricky so hates taking pics

                                                            The taste of Irish 
                                                         Dinner was yummy
Ricky had the meatloaf & Chili, Rick had fish n chips, &  I also had the chili and macaroni and cheese made with Guinness beer.

Again .....  

'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree'

                                     Your kidding ???? Guitar playing while on Vacation .....

                                   Second Night out for dinner we wanted to go Cajun!!!!!

A few of us  never had craw fish ... we all  agreed they don't look so appetizing.
                                                     Ricky & Kelley Giving it a whirl !

                                                   Ricky teasing me with the craw fish
                                                                  (I chickened out )
                                                               Rick sucking the head-Yuck!
                                                                  Rick is a Pro !

                                                         This is more like it .....
                                                                   Shrimp Feast 
                                                                     Cajun Broil
                                                                Another nice dinner !

We decided to go for more drinks so we ended up back at Ricky's favorite place

        O'Brien's Irish Pub & Restaurant

                                (Yes they all got MOM wasted...so so many shots )

                                                          My two handsome men ...
                                                I think this shot was called Star F*ckers...
                                                           Kelley's Recommendation 
                                                               OH BOY I'm in trouble ...
                                                                    Purple Hooters

                                                                   Down the hatch
                                                        I'm thinking I'm young again
                                            I can handle this ...no problem ...Hickup!
                                       I forgot red hair Irish girls can Drink....ALOT! LOL!
                                                       Rick's turn .......Oh no Tequila .....

                                          mmmm why is he over there with other bar peeps
                                          doing shots....mmmm who ate all the Fried Pickles?
                                     Ok we all are buzzed !Pics are starting to get Fuzzy too!

                                                                Missing my Ricky :(

Fun Night ...Especially Rick filming us!
Oh yeah I think this is where I asked Ricky if he follows my blog . LOL!

This fun Night out with Ricky & Kelley reminds me of this song .....
(I was drinking like I was younger ....)

We are young -Fun

Lyrics | Fun lyrics - We Are Young lyrics

The next day I felt like CRAP-Literally,The boys went golfing on base and I  however surviving a hangover  made it through shopping with Kelley and enjoyed having a lunch.   

We all met back at Kelley's I really wanted to see Gonzo ......

                                                  Gonzo getting Big & sooo Cute !
                                                 (At least he lets me takes pics of him )

                                                                  Such a Good dog !

I'm feeling young again ..........

                       WEEEEE....                                       WEEEEEEEE....WEEEEEEEEE

 Rick's turn .............

                                                               Rick looks thrilled ...LOL

                                           Rick is dizzy ...Ricky help your old man down!

This was more Rick's speed...

                 Playing with the dogs!

We enjoyed our visit with Ricky & Kelley!

Cute Couple!

                   We love & miss you Ricky!

Dear Lord God,

Christian is a man, a soldier, and my beloved son.
With military expertise and God’s guiding hand,  I plead for thee to keep my soldier safe, healthy and strong,
and let him come home, when his work is finally done.