Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day


                                 1st a lil Valentine gift for my Friend's son, Jackson.
              He is so cute & he reminds me of my son Ricky when he was  3 years old .
                                         My friend, Jessica is such a great Mom too!

                                  I hope he liked his bag of Dinosaurs goodies and treats.

                              My Sweet Valentine , My son Ricky, So proud of him.
                                                                  I love my son!
                                                    He still gets a Valentine treat  ! 

                                           A few Hearts to go around at the Clark's Home


We love giving each other cards!

                               This year my husband surprised me with a Getaway
                                                 to Bonnet Creek Resort in Orlando . 
                                                      We had a blast just relaxing!
                               ( I really needed this! My husband scored an A+) 

Our Valentine's Gifts for Each other.
We stayed at the Wyndham Grand Resort

                                              Love the decor & art throughout the resort

                                                                  Love this chair
                                                         Our view from our window !

                                                               Our room ...Cozy !

                             Don't leave home without it ...Southern Comfort on the dresser
                                                          My Handsome Husband !

                                                We headed down by the bonfire & pool.

                                           My Zen Moments Fire & Water                                                      
                                                               Enjoying Starbucks
                                                           Great time to Meditate 
                                                                  Staring into the fire
                                                         Releasing all  my worries
                                                                     Nice & Cozy

                                                                Rick warming up!
                                                          Rick  looking for our room
                                                            We are on the 6th Floor
                                                            A really nice evening
                                                                Chilling on the swing

                                                   Looking at the water at night so calm

                                                      Watch out for spider webs
                                           Watched Fireworks from our bedroom window

                             Rick  is headed back to our room He is ready for a nap .
                                       (Proud father wearing his Air force shirt)
                                       First open your Valentine's gift from your Honey
                                                               Rick liked his cards & candy
                                                                 Rock Star Lollipops
                                                              Rick Loves Sweet Tarts
                                                           Little box of  Chocolate
                                                                    Rick's Favorite Treats

                                                               Ok now you can nap
                                                           Time to get ready for ........?
                                                           (Well it is Valentine's Day )
                                                                        For Dinner
                                        We both agreed were still a cute couple just older !
                                           Our Valentine's Dinner was at the Ming Court 
                                                                    (I wanted Sushi)
                               We were greeted by the big goldfish so we fed them too.
                                           Scary almost like a Parana except no teeth
                                                                  So Many of them
                                                                  Of many colors
                            Now I WANT BIG GOLDFISH    They are saying "Feed Me"
The Dragon 

                                                           Gift of  $ and the Money Tree
                                                      Cantaloupe Martini for me 
                                                                     Cheers to us !
                                                     Our 23rd  Valentine's Day Celebration 
                                Rick is thinking "Whew~ made it through another year !"

                                                       We enjoyed our dinner & cocktails
                                                                       Yummy !
                                                                            Sushi !
                                                            Good Fortune ahead !
                                               Rick getting carried away with the camera 
                               I'm talking & I know he is not listening to what I'm saying
                                                                 Photo shot time
                                                            Ok enough glamor its Tea time
                                                     Don't you just love the Big rings !
                                                         We both need some good luck
                                           so we thought we should touch the Money Tree
                                     I had a really nice Valentine's dinner with my Husband

  Back to the Resort

                                 I had a wonderful Valentines Day with my husband ....
                                                  Rise and shine ......Time for the Gym !

                                                   Push .....Push.....Push                                                                 
                                                                  Rick's Turn
                                             No Pain ....No Gain .....Oh my so dramatic !
                                             Now for our walk around the entire Resort. 
                                         We can get fit and be romantic at the same time.

                                                           Ran into some Love birds

                                                  We are already scoping the outside bar

                                     Our Friend the Black Bird told us its time to Chill out !

Pool time & Cocktails !
                                                                 Bloody Mary's for me !
                                                                        Rick is happy !

                                                                               Cheers !

Back up to the room to relax 
                                                                Such a pretty view

                                                     Time to get some Reading in ....
My Valentine's Gift to myself ...Eat Clean ..."Just the Rules" by Tosca Reno            
                                                                  I may not look pretty
                                                          I'm definitely RELAXED!
                                        Unfortunately this Getaway had to come to an end.
                                                              Our last night Dinner

 I really enjoyed my time away with my husband but looking forward to getting home and spending time with my son Ricky before his deployment . 

                                                                I love you , Rick!


  1. This is so sweet! Looks like you guys had a great, relaxing time! You definitely have a keeper in that husband of yours ... it's awesome to see the two of you still so in love after all these years! I love you guys! ;-)

  2. Thanks Kara that is so sweet ....miss ya ;)