Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Fun Day !


   I rode my bike with my husband. It was a beautiful day , however got pretty chilly as we approached sunset. We rode about 13 miles. 
                          It is nice to have an exercise partner to keep you motivated. 
                                                A few pics of our Sunday bike ride.

                                                        I started off with a flat tire.
                                                           Got Air and off we went.                                                                         

                                                      We rode on the Pinellas Trail.
                                   Up  hill onto the  Bridge -Great legs & glutes workout.
                                          Down the hill we go. Rick is already at the bottom.

                                                         Me trailing behind Rick                                                         

                                     Rode to Boca Ciega Millennium Park to watch Sunset

                                                             So pretty  & Calm

                                                               The ride back-Chilly !
                                             Riding into the wind -thats a workout !
                    Got some help with Rick pulling me by holding hands while we rode.
                                                                  (How Romantic! )
                                                      Cut through -Walsingham Park
                                           Rick, Trying to take our picture while were riding.
                               Hello Moon the end of our ride 6:45 and it is already dark.

                                                                  Good night Moon !
                                            I had a nice Bike ride with my husband !


  1. Pati really enjoyed your blog and photos. I live in Sarasota and made a quick visit to Boca Ciega Millenium Park in 2011. A really beautiful place. Observation towers are the best. I plan to go again in 2012. I ride paved trails throughout Florida and shoot lots of video and photos for my website. Just Google 'Trail View Mount' to see. Thanks and all the best.

    1. Love your blog too I love the outdoors and biking is great exercise