Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

I had a Blast celebrating with Friends  to Bring in 2012  


 The J & J Pajama Jammie Jam NYE Party!!!

       I think they all need to go to BED!

                                  Lets get this party Started!

                                                        Welcomed in by Garfield
Beautiful Cake Designed by Jackie & Suzanne

Rob, Not nice to Point

Sharon-Nice Boots

                                                     Nice Michael Kors slippers
                                             The life of the party -Sebastian & Louie


                                  Yeah 3rd times a charm !

I love this Pic
Good Friends

Nice Rump

Jammie Time

Beautiful Smile

My Upside -down Photo of Jay

Robert & I

Frosty Cocktail
                                           The 2012 Gals Suzanne & Pati with Feathers 
                                                           Love my Zebra Feather

                                                          Pretty Purple Feathers
Jackie, Remember "This is how you do it!"

                                           Last time I checked your drink intake tally 
                                         on your arm was 5 shots and 9 drinks 
                                                             This photo proves it !

                                                                 Group Photo's

                                                      Ok finished Where's my Drink?


                      Now off to Jimmy B's 

                     to Party with Phoenix!


                    Phoenix Live-New Year Eve Party

                                               Eileen- You Shook Me All Night Long 
Babe, Happy New Year ! I love you!
Lets Rock!

Love the Rick Guitar Pick Necklace

I's all about Maria

Rick is HAPPY -must be the SoCo

Rick has been Crowned

Rick Loves his Necklace made by Ariane

                                                 Girl Talk "Our issues with Men" lol
                                             Patience Ladies the New Year just begun
                                                              Yeah, Amen to that !

                                                               Its a Sing-a-long

                                                            We Love Sheri-She Rocks





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