Tuesday, January 10, 2012

5 Best Fat Burning Foods

What are the Best Fat Burning Foods


The following are my 5 best fat burning foods. You’ll notice that they aren’t exactly 5 foods, but more like 5 types of food – so there are actually many more than just 5.



We’ve all heard by now to eat fish. Fish is great because it provides a great source of essential fatty acids. Not only that, but it’s high in DHA – an omega-3 fatty acid. Our bodies usually convert alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) to DHA, at only about a 5% efficiency. This makes it difficult to get DHA from a plant based diet. Fish is a great way to skip this conversion and get right to the end product – DHA. Fish also contains plenty of lean protein for building fat burning muscles.



Beans are low in fat, high in fiber, high in protein, and very low on the glycemic index. This is a great food for those of you who don’t eat meat, as it is a great source of protein. Being high in fiber and low on the GI scale -  it provides a perfect metabolic environment for releasing and metabolizing fatty acids.



Nuts are a great fat burning food. They are high in healthy fats, essential fatty acids, and fat soluble vitamins. They even have fiber and protein. It’s another good source of protein for people who don’t eat meat. The healthy fats signal to your body  “it’s OK to release stored fatty acids because I’m providing you with plenty of them from my diet.” What’s the best nut to eat? This is the healthiest nut.



Eggs are a great fat burning food – especially the yolk. We’ve been told over and over again that eggs are high in cholesterol and we shouldn’t eat them. However, studies show that dietary cholesterol has very little effect on blood cholesterol levels. Your body’s cholesterol levels are a result of high arterial inflammation caused by carbohydrates – especially processed ones. Free-range eggs are packed with essential fatty acids and protein – definitely a great combination for a fat burning food.



Broccoli is one of the highest sources of vitamin C. Many people associate vitamin C with fruit, but broccoli has 150% of the recommended daily allowance in just a single 100g serving. Broccoli is one of those negative calorie foods – meaning it takes more calories to digest than the amount of calories it contains. Check out the list of more negative calorie foods.
There you have it – my top 5 best fat burning foods. It’s very simple to incorporate every single one of these into your diet. Not only are they easy to incorporate, but they will help build the foundation for a healthy eating lifestyle.

                                A few more   Fat Burning 
                & Negative Calorie Foods

5 Fat Burning Foods by davthorpey

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