Monday, October 29, 2012

~Boo Bashes ~

                                                I was invited to a few Halloween Parties!
                                                I had so much fun dressing up in costume.
                                     This year I dressed up as a Biker chick & a Witch Diva .

                                I had a blast celebrating Halloween with my friends ....


                                         My friends Jay & Jackie did a really nice job 
                                             with their  Halloween decorations for their 
                                                                 HAUNTED HOUSE.

                                                                   <Haunting >

                      ~Spooky ~

                            ~Creepy ~



           TREATS !

                                                      My husband went as a Rocker. 

                                     However, everyone thought he was Howard Stern!
A few more pics  .....

                                           That was definitely a fun Halloween party !!!!
                                                                    2nd Boo Bash !
                                          This was  the first time in Halloween History
                                                      that I dressed up as a witch .

                                    I had a blast getting ready to dress up for the part .....
                                                                Painted my nails with
                                                   Halloween colors & Ghosts decor .
                                            Matched up really well with my spider ring !
                                   This was my first time to put fake eyelashes on too !!!!
                                                        I hope they come off  ...LOL
                                  Time to get on my broom & head off to the  party 
                                                                   cast some spells .......

                                 A few pics of this Spooktactular evening with friends !

                                             Thank you Valerie(Pirate) for a Fun Night !

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