Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ths is not a Good-Bye but a See ya soon !

My son's last night visit at home!  
 This is not a Good-Bye ...
but a See Ya Soon !!!!
His girlfriend/Melina 
wanted to cook us dinner ...
Her traditional German Goulash !!!
Mmmmmmm Ahem
Soooo Yummy !!!!
I now have her recipe
 so I can make it for dinner!!!
Cheers to my son ,

 we are so proud of him and all he has accomplished in the military ...
Safe travels back to England
We are grateful to finally meet Melina...
We just adore her !!!
We had sooo much fun with the both of you ...
We sure do miss having our son around HOME!!!
We ended the night with 
a game of Phase 10 card game ...
 That Dang SKIP card

Girl Power ...Winners!!!
we will have to have a rematch soon and get your dad up to speed 
Ahem ...
Our Poker faces sucking 
on Carmel Apple
They are a bit sour to taste & stuck 
to our teeth and the roof of our mouth 

 Ricky & Melina have a Long travel ahead 
of them back to England ...
This was indeed a pleasure 
having them both here  !!!
We love You !


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