Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year !

                                        I wish you & your family a joyful, bright, healthy, 
                                                       prosperous Happy New Year !


            I started off New Year's Eve  at my friend's Jay & Jackie's


2nd Annual Pajammy Jam ! 

                                           A great way to end the year with good friends !
                                                                        Good times !
                                                                         Whew ~
                                  I had to Hurry I left the party at 11:20 & just made
                                          it in time to see my husband at Midnight!

                                   He was performing  with the band Phoenix at
                                      a New Year's Party at Jimmy B's beach club.
                                             We toast and  welcomed the New year !

Watching the Ball drop getting ready to toast to the New Year !

                                   Phoenix Rocks 
                                                                   Hubby -Rick
                                                                   The Spectacular .....

     Needless to say we got home Late ......
however we continue to carry on 
with my Grandparent's New Year tradition !
                                                                        To eat the
                                        Russo's Pork & Sauerkraut Good Luck Stew !

                                                   I have to say it is a required taste .....
                              Should be called Heart attack waiting to happen stew ..lol


Pork butt or shoulder

Stick of Pepperoni

Package of smokies/weiners

Package Hot Dogs

2 jars of Sauerkraut



Marinara Sauce



½ tsp Salt & pepper

½ tsp Season Salt

1 Bayleaf

Chopped ItalianParsley

Organic Chicken Stock

 Suggestions: Serve on top of mash potatoes along with Crusty Italian Bread for dipping
                                                         For recipe click link below

                                                            My New Year Tablescape !
                                     Last year I won a Cindy Crawford dinnerware set
                                 I now display on my dining room table every New Year !

                                                                     Gold & Silver !

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