Sunday, December 30, 2012

Its almost that time... New Year's Resolutions !

                                                            2013 New Year Resolution 

                                                            It is almost that time again .....
                                     My 2013 New Year Resolution is the same as last years...

                                                            I still need to Lose Weight!
This year I am joining a group to do the PUSH-30 day Challenge
 -by Chalene Johnson 
I was invited to join the group by 2 fitness bloggers that I follow, 
a mother and daughter team
  -Kim & Kalee Sorey 
click link below for their blog.
If you would like to join in on the challenge click either links below

                                               I'm looking forward to the challenge !


You have committed to changing your life by participating in the 30 Day Challenge to Master Organization and Achieve Your Goals.


Beginning on the first of the month, you'll receive an email every day for thirty days reminding you to log into and there you'll have access to a daily video, the worksheets as well tap into a community of support.


All of the steps are important and I can't wait to share them with you! By the end of the Challenge, you will have set up goals, determined your values and kept a carefully crafted and diligently mastered to-do list long enough for it to be a habit that you are never going to want to break. And guess what? Thirty days is also long enough to see real results! I can't wait to hear about your success!


I have to warn you. While, this is not going to be time consuming (less than ten minutes a day for most days) it's going to involve a little work on your part. I am going to ask you to consider your goals and question everything!


And one more warning: Get ready to see some major changes! You are not going to believe how easy it is to live a successful life when you apply these techniques! In the span of the thirty days you will create and make measurable progress on goals that are meaningful and authentic. You will feel the peace of mind and excitement that comes from completing your daily tasks and living a successful life!


So, take a deep breath.


You'll be hearing from me soon.


I can't wait to begin this journey together!



  • Stick to my Resolution !!! I seem to slip & fall off around  mid year ...
  • Eat better -Continue on  a life style change of a Gluten,Dairy,                                                 &  Soy -free diet.
  • Drink more water !
  • Stop eating after 8pm ...
  • More sleep-....zzzzzz.....Go to bed earlier.
  • May try going Vegan. (Undecided)
  • Exercise more -without injuries !!!!
  • Stress less-Meditate 
  • Spend more quality  time with spouse & family.
  • Get organized , remove clutter , recycle .
  • Budget better, less spending, start saving $$$$
  • Be more forgiving...Remove anger and negativity!
  • Be positive!
  • Continue to have faith & trust  in GOD!
     My husband agreed to partner with me on my 2013 New Year Resolution !


Wishing you all a  Happy & Healthy
 Prosperous New Year!


  1. 1st Homework assignment from Charlene:
    Day 1 homework:
    The only way to achieve success is to make and keep a plan. I will give you the strategies to design the dream-life that you can't wait to live and I'll share the methods of realizing the goals to get you there!

    -Master carefully crafted and diligently maintained To-do list.
    -Develop and honor your Priorities.
    -Set, refine and achieve meaningful goals.
    -Accomplish your tasks everyday for unprecedented productivity.
    -Experience unbelievable success in all areas of your life.
    -But best of all, I am going to show you how to make this a habit that you can manage in ten minutes a day!

    Ten minutes a day to change your life. The first few days are going to take you a little more time than the rest of the challenge. So, factor in some time to watch the video, read the text and complete the homework. You’ll want a quiet space and an open mind.

    1.) Commit to signing in to the 30 Day Challenge website every day for the next 30 days and to making a to-do list each day.

    2.) Think on paper! Answer the following questions, and make some notes…

    -What are your values? My answer: Family & Health& well being , Eco-friendly,Being happy. Wanting self esteem-Feel good about myself inside & out!
    -What’s most important to you? My answer: Again Family & Health, well being & Eco-friendly
    -What do you want people to know you for?My answer: Being humble. My thoughtfulness and wanting to be liked for the way I am for the good & bad. We all make mistakes we just need to learn from them.
    -What do you want people to remember you by? My answer:Being humble. My thoughtfulness. Remembering me as a good wife, mother, friend , sister etc for my wittiness and fun to be around and always there when needed. Apologetic for my wrong doings and learn from my experiences and resolving any problems. For my hard work ethics. My interests in my hobbies of exercising and cooking , baking, health etc.
    -What are the guiding principles in your life, family, faith, is it work, success, your passion, your hobby?My answer:Everything I stated prior to this ? - My faith in God , I have drifted away for some time now I'm currently reaching back to my faith in God. I need him in my life without I'M LOST!Improving my health and well being.
    -What are the things that really are – that feel like a calling to you? My answer: Inner peace. Self Joy being happy with myself. Meditation/Yoga.
    -What do you want people to remember you by? My thoughtful heart.

  2. Now for the Day 2 Message:

    You are on fire!

    Look out! I know you're excited and you want to jump ahead... but it's very important you follow this recipe in the order I've laid it out.

    Just as in baking, the timing of your ingredients can make the difference between a masterpiece and a master flop.

    You have already taken the biggest step towards transforming your future by taking the challenge! In these first few days it's critical you follow these steps as they build the foundation to your rock solid future.

    In just a few days we'll start creating a daily habit.

    It takes 21 days of consistency to create a habit. But what's the point if you haven't learned how to create the best possible habit? The work we do before we start your daily To-do list is the work that will make all the difference.

    Allow this challenge to change the way you think and I promise this will be the most fulfilling, successful year of your life. Let these habits become a part of who you are you'll be living the life you're currently dreaming about.

    I'm counting on you! You made me a promise when you joined this challenge. How cool if over 100,000 people turned their lives right side up and had the best year of their life?

    I can't wait for you to share your success story!
    I am so excited about the momentum we've generated!

    I am going to ask you to think hard about your life's purpose, and list three ultimate priorities.
    So… right now, focus on writing your priorities – then use action verbs to make them specific.

    See you tomorrow....


    Day 2: How To Determine Priorities?

    My top 3 priorities are:
    1.First Priority: Love God (Deuteronomy 6:5)
    “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.”
    Improve my relationship with GOD with rebuilding my faith & Love. God made us His priority when He sent His son to die on the cross and when He gave us the gospel, the power of God unto Salvation. (Romans 1:16)

    2. Family....
    Husband - You can not build an extraordinary marriage without making your spouse a priority.
    The same goes for the husband in regards to his wife.
    We are a Team!(My hubby tells me that all the time !)
    Help each other Manage & provide for the household.
    I've been married for 24 years and I want to continue to grow into our loving marriage, however it does need some TLC we need to rekindle the spark &I am praying for my husband's heart to be opened to make GOD his # 1 priority so we are in this together as a whole. I do believe I have married my soul mate I think our marriage is being tested right now going through hard times that we both need to be stronger and focus on the importance of marriage and our love for each other and our feelings.
    No more arguing !
    Son - is and always has been my priority as a mother since he was born 27 years ago there is not a day that goes by I'm not thinking of him and his well being. He is in the military & as a parent I need to schedule and plan to spend more time with him by visiting, letters, phone calls etc so he knows he is loved and thought of daily. I definitely succeeded in him ! So proud of his achievements!
    My mother & sister. My in-laws-
    I need to spend more time & go visit them all.

    3.Health,Eco-friendly& Fitness-

    Eat better -Organic
    Improve health through nutrition
    Learn ways to be organized and recycle.
    Be Fit-Exercise m ore without injuries
    Improve self esteem!

  3. Day 3-30 continued on Push 30-Day challenge post under the comments section