Sunday, December 9, 2012

Surprise !!!!!

                                                          Happy 40th Birthday !
    My friend Jackie wanted to do a surprise Birthday party for my friend Jay. 
                    So I was asked along with a few friends  to help decorate the house 
                       while he and a few friends took him out to dinner for his birthday
                                               so Jay wouldn't suspect anything .
                     My friend Jackie wanted the house decorated in a  funeral theme 
                               setting and every one come to the party in funeral attire....
                                                                    Wear Black !
                                   First thing first -Presents wrapped and ready to go !!!!

                              My friends and I scrambled to get the house decorated 
                                          while Jay was preoccupied at dinner !!!!

                         Casket and Tombstones 
                                                                       Gift table
R.I.P Birthday Cross Cake

                                                         I think we did a great job!
                                                  Boy was Jay EVER SO  surprised !!!!
Friends celebrating with Jay !!!!


                                                         Time for the Birthday Cake !!!

                                                                    Presents I got Jay !!!!
                                                        The Over the Hill Birthday gift !!!!!
                                                                         Pill Box
                                                  laxatives, ensure, prune juice, etc
                                              Old fart care package ..hahaha~
                                                                 Reading glasses !!!! 
                                                                     Hitting  40's ....
                                                        your eye sight diminishes
                                                                   Ok the real deal !!!!
                                                          Jay collects Piggy Banks
                                                                so I bought him a few .....

                                                                 Jay's 4 stylish Piggies ...

Jay had bought a Keurig coffee maker on Black Friday
 so I thought he could use a  Counter top Storage Drawer 
to put all the variety of coffee pods &  store away.
Everyone loved my funeral mourning hat!!!!
                                                      Everyone took turns trying it on !

                                       Great Job Jackie pulling the Birthday surprise off !!!!
You had made Jay's 40th Birthday very special !!!!

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