Saturday, December 15, 2012

Merry Fitness!!!!

                                                  Total Body Results Christmas Dinner.
                         I had a really nice time at the TBR boot camp holiday dinner 
                                   celebrating with my trainers &  boot campers  !

                                             Here are my friends -2 Awesome trainers!
                                                                   Julia & Danielle

                               They make working out & getting Fit ..... enjoyable & fun !

                              I haven't been able to go to boot camp for the last several months
                                         due to several factors but mainly due to an injury.
                                        I'm not too worried I know these 2 ladies will get me back
                                                   on track again once I'm back on my feet!
                                             I was so glad to see both of them & hang out !
                                                                 I MISS BOOT CAMP!

Yes ...I said that ! Hard to believe I miss working out 
however I feel so much better when I stick to a fitness program
Mentally & Physically !
                                         Thank you TBR trainers for the wonderful 
                                                clean eating cookies .....Yum!


     TBR trainers are really good about keeping you on track for the holidays !

                                                            TBR Boot Campers!

Here is my trainer , a fitness expert for  DAYTIME with tips 
on how to prevent holiday weight gain  &workout  
For more fitness info click on link  

Julia's TIPS:
 Motivation & Accountability- Workout with a partner or program. Stay consistent- It’s all about habits. This is a busy time of year. Schedule your workouts in & make them happen- NO MATTER HOW COLD IT IS OUT. Keep aware- This is the most important! Be aware of your body fat & weight increasing. Food & treats are going to be everywhere. Be aware of how much your consuming-Pick your vices. Some people can eat just one… others the whole box. If your this type… I wouldn’t start. It’s a slippery slope.
 Burn off what you take in & enjoy the holidays!
                                                  Very thankful for these two ladies !!!!

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