Thursday, December 27, 2012

Love is .....



                                       Love is ......
                                              My husband got me these Roses for Christmas 
                                           and today he taped a card to the vase  .....
                                    I  was feeling depressed again today and sortof taking
                                            All of  my frustrations out on my husband .....
                                  I don't mean to ... I use him like my punching bag!
                                                                         Not good  :( 
                                                               I have to stop doing that !
                                                   He knows exactly how to warm my heart ....
                                                                " I was born to love you!"
I need to stop worrying so much & stop being so angry 
 sad and start focusing  on the GOOD!
  Have faith & enjoy being Loved !
This is how it all got started

   Love is ......

                                                        We are riding this storm out .....

  Love is ......Forever !
The End !

                                                                 What is Love ????

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