Monday, December 3, 2012

Designated Driver Awareness Event

                                          My husband and his band Phoenix played 
                                     at the 5th Annual Brittany Nation Foundation
                                                  The main focus of this event is .....
                                           Remember it's OK to drink just don't Drive
                                         leave that to a Designated Driver to handle it. 

                                                                 Such a sad story .... 
                                            & I wanted to share this cause in my blog....

 Brittany Nation whom was killed due to a Drunk Driver that wouldn't allow her to drive when she was sober. Her only fault was getting in the car, but when your an hour an a half away from home you might feel helpless at 12:30 AM. The Foundation is directed to preventing senseless deaths or injury due negligence of a Drunk Driver. By giving a ride to those in need but even more important, to get the awareness of using a Designated driver.
This foundation  strives to pick up people in dangerous situations all over the the Tampa Bay area. It is their goal to stop the loss of life due to people thinking there only buzzed, when in fact there drunk. 

The foundation was created so good will come from it, and we together can save lives.

If you would like get involved with this foundation  Click link below to email on how you can help & for more info ... 

                      The holidays are here and we attend to celebrate the season 
                                       with a drink or two or three or four .
                                                           Lets remember ......
                                         Just be more responsible when we drink ! 
               This was a great event that brought awareness to the community.

                             I'm glad  the band Phoenix &  my husband took part of it !
                                                                        A few pics !
                                        My friend Brenda & I  having a Jolly ol time !
                                                                  Yes I am sober !!!
                                                                 Water all the way !!!!!
                                                                I'm the DD tonight !

                                                 John Varr - Bass Guitar & vocals
                                                          for the band "Big Deal"
                                                                His wife Debbie....
                                         Eileen -Singer for Phoenix & her husband Gary
                                                    who is the designated driver tonight.
                                                    Chris Krause -Drummer for Phoenix
                                             muah...Eileen is like my musical sister in-law
                                                                    These chicks rock!
                                            Eileen & Sherry from the band -Phoenix
                                  Kristna Gavalla from the band -Mark Anthony Band
                                                               I love these peeps!
                                             They make Beautiful music together !
                                                                                                                                                                Eileen Humphreys - Lead Vocals
Sherry Krause-Back up Vocals
Rick Clark - Guitar
Rob Duarte - Bass
Chris Krause - Drums
John Zahner -Keyboards 

                                                              Rob Duarte - Bass
                                                                 Rio & her daughter 
                                    Rio's daughter is the Designated driver for tonight...
                                                                   Phoenix Groupies ....
                                                                       Eileen & Rio


Remember the 3 D's !!!!!

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