Sunday, March 10, 2013

Florida Strawberry Festival

 A great day spent with friends  at the Strawberry Festival !
We arrived at the festival hungry ....

and the first treat that I  dashed off to was to get me some Kettle Corn.
                                                               A big bag of it too ...
Then the french fries smelled yummy so we had some of those too...
                                    At least their Gluten -free ...I'm doing good so far

 We browsed around at the The Neighborhood Village 
with all the vendor's tables which consist of a bunch of  strawberries, homemade bakery treats,
art, and handcrafted items,..etc

                                                                    Yummy Goodness!

                                       My friend Jay bought a 2 seater  Infrared sauna ...!
                                                              I can't wait to use it !!!
                                                                  Time to Detox!!!
 Infrared saunas help you improve blood circulation
 and burn calories without lifting a finger. 
                                                                 I'm In !!!!
There are many claims to health benefits of infrared sauna such as:
* weight loss
* reduces cellulite
* strengthens your immune system
* Improves your strength and vitality
* Helps remedy several skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and acne
* Strengthens the cardio-vascular system
* Helps stabilize your blood pressure
* Detoxifies your body
* Gives you more energy and relieves stress
* Helps treat burns, scars and skin discoloration
* Relieves pain (fibromyalgia, joint pain, sore muscles, arthritis)
* Helps control your cholesterol level
* Helps treat bronchitis
* Helps treat hives (urticaria), gout, tissue damage, prostate hypertrophy

A big bowl of strawberries to make shortcake.
 We met up with my friend Lana who was working as a vendor at the festival .

                                        My friends & I having some fun photo shots !

                   We got a few Strawberries flats from Brandon Farm to take home ...

   We also bought from Parkesdale Farm
  some Preserves & Strawberry butter .

                                We are feeling the Royalty sitting in the Strawberry chair.
                               The reason we came here ...Strawberries and more ...
                                                                 I'm good to go ...
                            My friends had to make one more stop on the way out ....
                                              They had to get a turkey leg and ...... 
                                               A Deep fried almost EVERYTHING ....
A sampler of  deep fried cookie dough, milky way candy bar ...
and oreo cookie to name a few .
                            I enjoyed the Strawberry butter the next day for breakfast .

Pati Cake- Pati  Cake 
Baker's man (Rick)
Bake me a pie as fast as you can !!!!

My husband made 3 pies from the strawberries that I brought home .

                                                                  A Baked Merry Berry Pie 
                                                         Strawberry,Blueberry, & Raspberry
                                                           & 2 Glazed Strawberry Pie
One pie ready for whip topping to give to  my mother  in- law Carol.
A get well treat !
My mother in-law  was originally going to go with me to the festival , however she wasn't able to because she just had eye surgery and needed to rest up and heal.  
                                                     My husband perfecting his pie ....
                                                     Nice brush hold he has ????
                                                           (He is so 

Now  we are ready to go see his mom  to cheer her up with pie ....
This pie was sooooo yummy!

I had a wonderful time at the Strawberry festival and enjoyed all the treats !

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