Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Rock &The Rabbi

                                                A Truly Unique Theatrical Experience
                                       My husband & I took his Mother and  step -father 
                                                          to see The Rock & The Rabbi!

                                                Kim & Eric  are friends of ours.
                             (I love this picture of them -such a wonderful couple)

                                               Eric is performing with the musical.  

The musical story of the friendship between Peter & Jesus, The Rock & The Rabbi celebrated its 14th anniversary in this year!  A mix of original acoustic music and storytelling, this show has entertained audiences from Tampa to Dallas to New York City. The Rock & The Rabbi was written by the creative team of Danny Hamilton and Gary Richardson. 

                                            We arrived at Generation Christian Church 

Pre -Musical Photos
                                                        My mother in-law , Carol ...
                                                                 Looking stunning !
                                                              Just  1 more shot
                                      We walked around and glanced at the Ticket Auction tables.

                                        I thought about bidding  on this Painting pretty !
                                            Ron(Rick's step father) makes his  entrance...
                                                               My charming  husband ....
                                                                Finding our seats ...
                                                     & eying up the Musical gear ..........
We all  are ready to watch the musical.
                                 We were not allowed to take pictures while the musical 
                                            was performing but I  snuck in a few ....

                                                       My in-laws having a good time ....
                                                           and enjoying the musical.....

After the show we met up with our friends
 and embraced Eric with complements on how great he performed 
and we all  praised that the musical was fantastic !
                                        All the cast's performance was very inspirational.
                                                We got to meet  the Author & Storyteller
                                                                  Gary Richardson

 My husband talking with Gary Richardson
                                                         Rick and his mom with Eric .

                                         After the Musical  we stopped at Village Inn .

My Mother  in -law's treat looks
 so much yummer than mine ....
                                         However, Not too bad for Gluten/Dairy -free !

                                    We had an enjoyable evening with my in-laws.
               I'm glad that they enjoyed the musical as  much as my husband &  I did!
                                    We will cherish this night into wonderful memories !

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