Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

                                                             Get A Taste of Spring !
                                                  Experience the magic in the bloom!

                                   Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.
                                           Epcot is celebrating their 20th year !!!

                                                      Goofy -My favorite Character !

Every year my friend Ellie and I try and plan a trip to Disney
  to go to the Flower & Garden Festival.
             I wasn't able to go last year so I was really excited to be able to go this year!

 Spring is here & I enjoy gardening. I  love all the beautiful  flowers nature has to bring this time of year. Epcot does a really nice job showcasing all the colorful beauty of spring with a special touch of  characters of Disney with Over 75 topiaries. 
(Um... you know I took alot of photos

The Ellie & Pati Epcot tradition ...
Head to Mexico for a Fiesta Margarita !
                                                                       So Yummy!
It was 82 degrees here today so we definitely needed a drink for cooling off !

                                  We are now entering the Tinker Bell's Butterfly House.
with views of many topiaries of the different Fairy characters, lovely fountains, and of course, flowers and lots of butterflies.


                                                            How Butterflies are born!

Parsley attracts butterflies.

                                                               I love Sunflowers !!!

                                                                  Butterfly Houses
                                                                       More fairies ...

                                                      Butterfly on the fairy's hand...

                                            Butterfly spotted on the roof of the house.

                                                        How many Can you find ????

We found so many ....

                                                               Playful butterflies 
                                              (Look closely they are playing in the air)

                              Art of Disney Epcot Gallery

The Art of Disney Epcot Gallery is one place in Epcot that you shouldn't miss visiting, but you may want to keep your hands firmly in your pockets, and well away from any credit cards while you look around! 

           My favorite character -Goofy came in at a pricey penny $$$$ Wow .....
      You could only imagine what these two came in for ...cha ching...$$$$$$
                 We needed some cooling off so  we headed to "The Land" pavilion.

Living with the Land - Sponsored by Chiquita Banana - A boat ride about agriculture taking you from an indoor portion (featuring recycled audio-animatronics from the planned Western River Expedition) to a greenhouse revealing the plants grown in the Land.

(Plus it is Air conditioned !!!!)

                                    Another butterfly must of followed us in .....

NEW! Disney•Pixar's "Radiator Springs" featuring Lightning McQueen and Friends

Back to Mexico ...

We need to cool off again  so we rode the ride in Mexico.

What a Beautiful Day !
More Flowers ...

 So Pretty !
Would love these flowers  in my yard !

We stopped in Norway...

Ellie was craving a Lefse...
She is a Happy girl now!!!!!

Gnome Topiary
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs Topiary
 Hi ...Ho
Hi ...Ho...
 It's home from work we go

Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho 
We by passed France...
 Panda Topiary in Japan.
 We worked up an appetite so off to Italy we go  ...
(This is the only time I will cheat on my Gluten -free Diet)
 Italy gets me all the time ....the smell is unbearable ...
Nice cafe table to sit & enjoy dinner!
a Pitcher of Red Sangria!
 Ellie and I decided to split a dinner of the traditional
 Spaghetti & Meatballs
& "Mangia"

Our  tummies are full & we are feeling pretty relaxed from the wine ....
We needed to walk off the calories .....Off we go !
We ended up in China...

Glancing over the Koi fish and the Ducks..

 China's Plant trees...

They look like  big gold fish to me ...
A cup of tea???

We found Captain James Hook Topiary 

and the Crocodile ...
 Cinderella and her handsome Prince Charming Topiary

 Entering Canada
Didn't know Canadians wore Kilts ???
The ducks are chillin & watchin the concert...
Entering a Herb Garden ...
(I really enjoyed this part of the festival  because at home I have a herb garden )
Mini Peppers ..
I am growing some of these in my garden ...
 Hanging Tomato Plant 
I'm also growing some tomatoes
& Parsley  too ...
 I tried to grow a Pineapple with no luck may have to try it again ...
Rosemary next to the Pineapple .
My Rosemary at home is doing really well grows like lil pine trees ...

Micky Mouse Bird Bath and Garden Stakes ...
Too cute !

 More colorful flowers...

We are now entering “Oz the Great and Powerful"
I saw the movie it was really good ! 
We're Ready for lift off in the Air Balloon ....

I had to go ride Test Track...
What a Rush !!!!
So many twist ,  quick stops and turns ....

 Yikes !!!! Here we go!!!

I was holdin on ...Ready to take off at High speed !
Love this Ride !

Whew ~
The Monsters saying Bye  on the way out !!!!

                                                                 The topiaries, fountains, and gardens now light up the evening.
The Lion King

Phineas and Ferb
 Pluto & Goofy
 Micky & Minnie !

I really had a nice time with my friend Ellie 

 enjoyed this year's Flower & Garden Festival  !

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