Friday, April 12, 2013

The New Pier in the City -Fashion Show

                       The Pier in the City

                                    Fashion, Art & Photography Event

                                 celebrating St. Petersburg's waterfront. 

              To raise awareness for the WOW our Waterfront efforts.

             An event produced by the Arts & Fashion communities of St Petersburg.


                    The Lens Design, by the Michael Maltzan Architecture Team
                                                    Shape The Future!

                            I went to support my friend and hair stylist,  Jackie

                              who  was working the event  to style the model's hair 
                                 for the fashion show at the Mahaffey Theatre.
                                           He came down to say a quick hello....
                                        and off he went to do what he does BEST !!!

                                                              I arrived at the event
                                                   with Jay,  his mom & Auntie Bebee               
                                            We had our picture taken for the magazine ....

   We walked around to see the models wearing what they call "Trash Art"
                         One dress was made what look like a MOP and the other 
                                                  was from makeup cotton swabs.

                                            This dress was to resemble the New Pier ...
More unique costumes


   There was local artists with their original works on display for purchase....
                                                      The High Heel  Pump displays

                            They had several baskets of goodies that was on Auction ....
                                            Including some Oxy Clean and the H20 mop.

                                    We got to meet TV pitchman Anthony Sullivan

 He was hosting the event and has  founded Wow Our Waterfront St. Pete because he felt the "Lens" was only getting negative publicity from groups such at VoteOnthePier and Stop the Lens. 


      The fashion show begins and all the models make their way down ......

                                         All  the models in their very unique fashion .....

 Here are a few of Jackie's models that he styled their hair for the show ....

                         Jackie has been expanding his work on photo shoots and shows 
                             and doing really well with his career as a hair stylist ....

                                       Great Job...Jackie ...we are so proud of you!!!!!
                                                                The Support Team

                                               We all had a wonderful evening !!!


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