Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good Reads !!!


                   GOOD READS

This Fall season I have chosen some good books to read ....
Thought I share  ... 

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow's -My father's Daughter & Delicious Easy Recipes that will make you Look Good and feel Great.
  2.  Detox for Woman-Natalie Rose
  3. Pretty Delicious -Candice Kumai
  4. If it makes you Healthy- Sheryl Crow & Chuck White
  5. the comfort table -Katie Lee Joel
  6. Simply...Gluten free Quick Meals-Carol Kicinski
  7. Forks over Knives -The plant-based way to Health                              (Documentary companion) 

Diet & Health... 
  1. from Belly FAT to Belly FLAT-C.W. Randolph M.D.
  2. Sara Snow's Fresh Living
  3. The complete Book of Juicing-Michael T. Murray N.D.
  4. The Virgin Diet-JJ Virgin
  5. The pH Miracle-Robert O.Young Ph.D. & Shelley Redford Young                  (I am still reading this book since June)
Spiritual ~Self Improvement...  

  1. AS•A•MAN...THINKETH-James Allen
  2. God's Wisdom for your Marriage-Jack Countryman
  3. The Bible for Women-Tina Krause
  4. Women and Stress-Jean Lush 
  5. Answered Prayers-Julia Cameron

Grab a good book this Fall season ...
 kick back , relax, get cozy  
Enjoy your Good-read!

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