Wednesday, September 11, 2013

•^v^–Workout Wednesday–^v^•

                     IN THE PARK   !!!
              •^v^–Get the Heart pumping–^v^• 

               I'm here at Largo Central Park ...
Wednesday Workout  
    I walked several laps around the park.           
 Thank goodness There is plenty of shade  due to the many humungous trees  then I ended my workout  at the  outside Total Gym!

             (What I call the Exercise playground )

I took pictures of the Military Court of Honor....               The flags are half staff today in remembrance of the 12th anniversary of the September 11th
  terrorist attacks.
We will Remember!!!
God Bless all the families !!!!

A very scenic walkway with train tracks
 marking the way!
 What kid wouldn't want to spend
 the whole day here... 
Even I want to ride the train !
There is a big Fire pit ...
 many fountains !!!
Squirrels !!!! 
all through the park ...
This one wanted to make friends with me ...
He finally came down from the tree to say Hello!
A Tree Carving ....

There are statues of children 
all through the park !!!
Some kiddos wanted me to play !!!
An enjoyable way to workout 
 burn  some calories !!!!

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