Thursday, July 3, 2014

BFF's Summer Vacation

This year’s BFF’s Summer Vacation
 we went to Ocean City , Maryland. 
I was so happy that my BFF & I were able to spend time Together
 on a Summer Vacation to the BEACH!!!
We Loaded up the car & off we went !!!!

 I have never been to Ocean City ...
The beach is way different than where I live
 Florida's Indian Rocks Beach...
There are Sand Dunes and I never seen soooo many Umbrellas lined up all the way down the beach  ... 

Never Ending ...Unreal!
It was Sunny all week...
Suzy(My Bff) Loves the Beach ...
She can spend hours soakin up the sun ...
While my Nephew Christopher
(2014 High School Grad)
 Getting his tan on  by Poolside.
Vacation wouldn't be fun without ....
My mother in-law Carol(Liz) who kept us all Happy! 
Especially with her cocktail which I called 
The Liz's Limoncello!
The Beach was empty around 5 pm 
probably because everyone was at the boardwalk.
Suzy & I enjoying some Bloody Mary's 
having some Lifeguard Fun !!!
 We all enjoyed dinner at the Green Turtle !!!
 We made sure we ordered some Maryland Crab ....
The 3 of us shared a  Crab sandwich, crab dip 
served with warm Bavarian pretzel sticks 
we gotta have Peel & eat shrimp!
 The Fabulous Trio  !!!!
 How cute are they?
Ofcourse there was Shopping !!!!

We went to the Seaside Country Store
"The Country House"
Fudge was a MUST !!!!!
Suzy found the cutest Stuffed Benny !!!
We had a lot of fun there !!!  

While the teenagers went to the BIG Ocean City  boardwalk ...
we decided on a much smaller scale boardwalk
 at Bethany Beach.  
 We enjoyed Dinner at Mango's
A Caribbean Restaurant with an Ocean view.

The Mango Margarita was great too!!!
 Vacation was Wonderful !!!
Thanks Suzy & Carol 
I love you Both !!!!
A Summer Vacation...
 I'm sure we all will remember ...
LOL :)

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