Friday, October 17, 2014

Boo~ville Miniature Halloween Village

My friend Larry & I took a stroll through
 a Miniature Halloween Village.
Thanks to the talented 85 year old creator
 Virginia Lydon, 
a Lake Seminole Square senior living resident,
For sharing her Fa~BOO~lous display.
 The Spooky display is an array of villages, houses, figurines, lights and sounds
 across a total of 50 decorated tables. 
She told us that she starts creating the Haunted display in August . She quotes...
 “It takes a great deal of time to put together,”
 “You start with a floor plan and I have a different 
theme for each room. 
Then I decorate the walls and lastly set up the tables. 
There are no two years that it looks the same.” 
She is very detail-oriented because she quotes ...
“that’s what brings it to life.”
She has a story to tell about each in every miniature
 village & spooky figures.
 I have no doubt the Kiddos will enjoy!
The Big Kids like myself & my friend sure did
 Enjoy some pics of Virginia ’s BOO~ville!!!
My Date

Virginia invited us back for her Christmas Holiday Display “Christmas in the City” theme, as well as others designed around “Winter Wonderland,”  Santa & “North Pole”.
We definitely won’t want to miss that!

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