Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Skinny Gut Diet

The Skinny Gut Diet 
Here I go.... Bring on a DIET...
(You know me I'm up on the latest trends )
I attended a Skinny Gut Diet seminar !
This is more like a life style change than a Diet.
Good Digestive Health! 
I was so happy I won a copy of her book !!!
I have been following Brenda Watson for years with the HOPE formula diet 
  H-High Fiber
I followed her on Suzanne Somers talk show where she was a frequent guest, & now just recently on Dr Oz show.
Brenda actually lives in my area of Florida .
The founder of Digestive Health 
company corporate office
 is based out of Palm Harbor . 
Nice to know I'm getting a product 
close to home ! 
I have used her ReNew Life products the Ultimate flora probiotics & Sprinkle Fiber.

I was excited to learn more about her newest product  "Acacia" Fiber.
Also she has protein plant based powder shakes
 that are gluten/dairy/soy free 
 with probiotics & digestive enzymes !  
That is right up my alley !!!!

I have fallen off the wagon with taking care of my gut, 
I have stopped taking digestive enzymes & probiotics
 and by the looks of my TUMMY
 you sure can tell.
 I Text this photo to my sister saying  it was a little nippy in Florida that day  so I had to put my warm workout gear on for biking then I stated 
" now if only my Tummy would deflate ...Ughhh"
I'm not too far off ....
 I need this Skinny Gut Plan to go to work ASAP!
I learned some facts tonight about 
Carbohydrates & Sugar.
Nice to know Stevia (which I use) is not Sugar.
How much Sugar from Carbohydrates you are consuming per serving.

sugar tracker calculation:
teaspoon tracker 
also great fact ....
The more fiber you consume 
the more calories you eliminate.
 If you consume  35 grams of fiber each day, you will eliminate 245 calories from your diet on a daily basis.

I'm in !!!! 
That is like the calories burned 
in a  30 minute bike ride or walk  ! 
Well I decided I would follow her food plan after the holidays (since I bake alot this time of year)but I will definitely start incorporating the probiotics, prebiotics,enzymes & fiber.  

I look forward to tackling  & converting those stubborn Fat bacterias to  skinny bacterias ! 

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