Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Shoe Red Ornament 2014

This Christmas season I decided to donate to this great cause !!!!

LIFE’s Christmas Shoe Project has become one of our most important outreaches, with one purpose in mind – to show children that life can be more than just a fight for survival, by sharing the joy of new shoes at Christmas time. 
Some of the children who will receive shoes this year live at garbage dumps, scavenging for food and items to sell. They walk over burning trash, broken glass and mounds of diseased rubbish. Others must navigate hot, burning sands in desert regions, or walk on rocky trails to fetch water – all without the comfort and protection of shoes.
Most have NEVER received a brand-new pair of shoes! Many have never had shoes at all
They put on their new shoes, and the joy is immediate as they begin running, playing and smiling as they admire their shoes. It seems like such a simple gift to you and me . . . but I can assure you it’s a life-changing gift for them.
For families with little to no income, buying new shoes for their children is out of the question. Consequently, the children’s feet are subjected to infections that can lead to devastating consequences including crippled feet, disease and, in rare cases, even death. 
A new pair of shoes – made from a sturdy, durable, water-resistant material – is going to bring a big smile to their faces . . . and over the years, thousands more smiles! The shoe distribution day in villages around the world is pure joy . . . and that’s why I say,
“Christmas joy comes in pairs!”

 The Christmas Shoe Red Ornament 
on our Christmas tree!!!!

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