Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!
The Clarks Pumpkin Photo
 was my Thanksgiving card I sent out
 to friends & family !!!

Feeling very Thankful & blessed !!!
We thank God everyday 
for his blessings in our lives !!!
Grateful for our Friends & Family !!!!
We would love to see family back home...
We didn’t go to Pittsburgh this year
The Clark Pilgrims
It was just the two of us this Thanksgiving !
My husband and I had a wonderful day
 of cooking our feast !!! 
We spoke to our son in Germany and he had to work but celebrated with his troops!!!
It is hard not being with the people you love around the holidays …
Thanks goodness for Skype & Facebook 
live chat video
 to communicate with your love ones overseas!!!
Here is a video my niece Aleigha sent me wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving ...
She is so cute ! Muah!!!
Our Thanksgiving Decorations 

Gotta have some Monogram "C"
Thanksgiving Table Scape
Tom the Turkey Candle warmer

Most of our feast was Gluten free …

We decided to cook our turkey in a roasting bag this year and boy did it come out moist !!!

We are going to cook the turkey
 this way from now on !!!
Thanksgiving Fixins ... 

Our Thanksgiving traditional
 walk off the feast...burn those calories!
I enjoyed every calorie of turkey & the fixings 

and oh that pumpkin pie
please stay off my ;)
We are stuffed!!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

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