Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meal Planning !!!

Meal Planning

To help me get organized
 in my Kitchen …
I stumbled on a Weekly Meal planning printable  from Joanna Gaines Blog
Download and print 
the meal planning printable here
And you are on your way .... 

I like this because this helps with my Food budget for the month which you can work off what you have in your pantry & freezer and jot down a list of groceries that you need for the week to make the meals planned for the week .
Place it on your refrigerator 
with a cute magnet !!!
I made this one from 
Shutterfly for Free!!!
Love is....Magnet

I Love all the great tips from Joanna!!!
She is my crafty,home, & style guru!!!
My goal is always to achieve organization in my life & home!!!
I just love sharing great tips 
that I stumble on !!!
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  1. Thank you for sharing the link for the printable menu plan, Pati! Don't we all just love Joanna?
    Your magnet is just adorable! Hope you have a happy week!

    1. Kitty, Magnolia Market & Silo's Bakery is on my travel bucket list !!!!!!