Sunday, August 28, 2011

My life up to now

I married a "Rock star " lol
                                                                      "The Clarks"

I'm Pati Clark for those who don't know me, I wanted to start  a blog which would first describe the person I am and then blog about  my daily interest and goals and overall daily adventures thru my life. I thought this may be a way to meet people with same ordeals and/or strategies as well as one would go through on their personal journey through life and also start up a conversation of thought. I believe this would be very  therapeutic for me so here we go.....  Lets first start off by getting to know me. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh,PA so blessed to have my mother(Jenny Bowser)  especially  for her triumph of raising 2 daughters as a single parent. I never had a father figure in my life and when he was there for a short period of time it wasn't enough to give him that title. I have blocked out that part of my childhood and really can't remember much. I figure it is his loss of having missed out on a family of  2 daughters and 3 grandchildren  that he never got to know which is pretty sad. That is something he will have to live with and then deal with it on his judgement day and on that note I will not mention that part of my life any further because it really is a waste of my breath, however I'm real big on dead beat parents if the subject would arise in a conversation because I strongly believe if you brought a child into the world it is your responsibility to be a parent .I had the  best Grandparents which helped raised me Gramma Russo and Louie so they need to be mentioned and credited of being a major big part of my life and I miss them dearly. I also have a wonderful sister Renee she is always there for me when I need her. I guess that is what sisters are for.  Also  speaking on parenting I am a mother of one child Richard William Clark iv (Ricky)which I have to say I'm a very proud mother for raising a son like Ricky who is about to turn 26 years old next month, he is a very strong willed person (takes after his father) and will shortly be completing serving in the military air force of 6 years. What an accomplishment  not sure at the moment if he will continue his career in the military I guess we will have to wait and see. All through my son's childhood years was the best experience as a young mother could have We were indeed blessed for having Ricky . He was very cute and cuddly when he was born and  the minute he entered this world I was the happiest person when I first laid my eyes on him (However it was a battle having him , very rough pregnancy but it was worth it) and through  preschool  up to High school I have enjoyed all the sports(baseball & soccer) and  holiday activities and vacations that went along with raising him then off to college then to Military. Great Memories.  Wow time goes by so fast and now he is a man. "I love you Ricky" sometimes that not said enough. My husband Rick Clark of 22 years(I love you) is my soul mate as long as he will have me.(I'm alot to deal with at times lol) I'm very  lucky to have him in my life. He is always there for me no matter what the deal may be, and  every marriage has their ups and downs and we had plenty of those but we are still together which  I am  grateful for because i really wouldn't know what I would do without him. He has actually made me into the person I am today. He keeps me grounded if that makes any sense  and he completes me so  that's the way i'd like to stay. That in a nutshell is a rough draft of my life up to this point. I look forward to all who participates in my blog and hope you find me as a friend. I'm pretty much an easy going person who likes to have fun with friends and family and  you will encounter in my blogs all my interests that have to do with my goals to succeed in my Health and Diet journey as well  topics on  movies, cooking , exercising,  all that fun stuff so come along for the ride ....

Until next time,
Be grateful for today and thankful for what God has given you . (Blessings)

Pati :)

                                                                  Married 7-28-89

                                                               The Clark Family
                                                            Ricky & I   December 1989

                                                        Richard William Clark IV
                                                         Born September 6,1985

                                                                     Happy Family
                                                                Love Birds (Rabbits lol)

The Ricksters 

Grandma Russo & Louie

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