Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tailgate Recipe

                                                            Buffalo Chicken Dip


Frank Original Hot sauce
Louisiana Supreme Chicken wing sauce
1 pkg Philadelphia lite cream cheese
1 pkg of Mexican blend shredded cheese
2 -10 oz cans of Butter Field white chicken & buffalo style sauce
2-10 oz cans (of any brand) chicken breast
Lite Ranch dressing (Kraft or Hidden Valley)

Note: You can also substitute Rotisserie chicken or boiled/steamed chicken breast just shred with a fork. 

 You will need a 9 in baking dish.
Open & drain all cans of chicken, reserving some buffalo juice.
Place chicken in baking dish and pour some of the buffalo juice on the chicken and spread with a fork.
Spread a thin layer of the shredded Mexican cheese blend on the chicken then mix around with a fork.
In a microwavable glass bowl mix the soften cream cheese and  add (to your taste of hot desire) the Frank hot sauce and wing sauce.(I also add a little of the remaining juice from the can of Butter Field white chicken & buffalo style sauce)
Microwave on med-high for 2 minutes then remove.
Add the lite Ranch dressing (about 1/4 cup) &  1/4 cup of the  Mexican shredded cheese.
Stir and microwave until all mixture is melted and smooth.(about another minute)
 Note: If you made your sauce to hot you can always add more lite ranch dressing to ween it down .
Add the sauce mixture  to your chicken and mix thoroughly making sure all is covered and mixed well.
Again you will mix in 1/4 cup  of the Mexican cheese blend in with the sauce and chicken.
Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil & bake for 30 minutes.
Uncover & add remaining Mexican cheese blend on top to melt. (about a minute or 2)
Enjoy with your choice of chips and /or veggies.

                                                    We like Tositos multigrain scoops  
                                               (Great pairing with your choice of Beer)

                                                                Yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Go Team !


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