Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Trip to Shreveport, LA to visit Ricky

Shreveport is the Second-largest city and the principal city of the third largest metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Louisiana, as well as being the 102nd-largest city in the United States.
Shreveport was founded in 1836 by the Shreve Town Company, a corporation established to develop a town at the juncture of the newly navigable Red River and the Texas Trail, an overland route into the newly independent Republic of Texas. 

We Arrived in Shreveport, LA on Friday, September 16th @ 1:00 am.  Whew ~15 hour drive from Florida. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel thanks to a military discount from Ricky. 

                                                           Starbucks on site .....Yeah :)

                                                Outside our Hotel ...Casino City !!!!!

           Waiting upon our arrival at the Hotel Ricky & Madie.... Cute couple !!!

 Madie & I at Buffalo Wild Wing celebrating  her Belated birthday with Spicy Bloody Mary's & boneless wings ....
(Oh and watching the Gator Game ...Great win !!!!!Go Gators !!!!!)

                                Of course I had to have  the staff sing Happy Birthday !!!!
                                                 (Madie is just alil embarrassed....) 

     Rick is still smiling  through navigating  on Pati's Adventures thru                                                                                Louisiana
    We ended up at a Civil site -Mansfield Battlefield.....

The Battle of Mansfield, a Confederate victory under General Richard Taylor (son of Zachary Taylor), was fought here on April 8, 1864. This battle turned 42,000 Union troops away from their conquest of the Louisiana Confederate capital, Shreveport, and sent them in retreat to New Orleans. The battle is commemorated at the Mansfield State Historic Site some four miles south of Mansfield off Louisiana Highway 175.

 These Cannons weigh more than a car. (Unreal)
Rick & I walked through the the Battlefield. 

"Rick,Don't eat the BERRIES!"

                                                         Lake Bistine State Park
                                       Park Ranger stated the Lake was all dried up.

                                                 ( free from agitation of mind or spirit)                                                                                                                                                                      

                    The Great Outdoors         

 We chased this lil creature through the park .....Quick lil fellow too!

Huge,Fuzzy Red Bug


  Madie & I shopping at Pierre Bossier Mall

           Gotta Love Hats !!!

        We had a fun day !!!!

                                                       I spent alot of time here .......
Pics I took walking around the boardwalk...
when I wasn't shopping lol!

Pics along the  Red River

The Rick's Shopping
(It's like a trip to the zoo)

Ricky won a gift certificate from a Golf Tournament
                        Birdie....Par 1...2...3    

Hanging Out at Ricky's


                                                             The Ricksters Playin Guitar
Rick playin catch with Gonzo

Chow Time

Yummy !

                                                   Don't eat the corn beef hash .......

                                                                  Spicy Mojito says it all
                                                          Sue's Country Kitchen
                                                   We all had ham & eggs of some sort
                                                Cheddars bartender's recommendation
                                                       Cactus shot mango margaritas !!!!
                                                                     My 2 Ricks
                                                                     Ricky & I
                                        Ricky is blinded by the more pics MOM!

Great Trip...
We miss you Ricky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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