Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Season ....My Favorite time of year

Harvest Autumn !
Welcome Fall Season …..

This is my favorite time of year. Makes me feel warm & cozy as the cool weather approaches (well sortof... I live in Florida the temp. is  still in the mid 80's ) I Love Fall fashions from Hats, scarfs to sweaters & Boots. I like to take a Ride with the Hubby on the Harlie with a nice breeze & chill in the air but not quite yet ready for the leather gear. My other favorite thing to do is Cooking.  I love to start pulling the Pumpkin recipes out and start baking. So far I made pumpkin cheesecake bars, no-bake pumpkin butter pie & pumpkin butternut squash soup. My next recipe I'm gonna tackle is Pumpkin , Apple & Peach pie on a stick. I will post the recipe this week.  They all sound yummy these lil bites of pie without all those calories of a slice of pie.  Great  Fall treat to make for your friends & family!

I love looking back when my son was young he would just love to play in the leaves after hours of raking he would just dive right in ....


     Ricky & I  were trying to fill the Pumpkin bag with leaves for Halloween
                            These are  the best memories  I enjoy of being a MOM.        


 I love to decorate my home for fall &  burn some candles with Autumn scents. 

            Welcome Fall  !

   Enjoy some Apple Cider !
                                                       MY FALL TABLESCAPE


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