Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me !

                                                       My 43rd Birthday Celebration 

                        My Day started off waking up to a dozen Red Roses 
                                 and a Birthday card from my Husband!
                                        (He always picks the best cards !)

                                                         You Rock my world
                         You are absolutely amazing and I'm incredibly lucky
                                                   to be the one who gets to love you                                                                       "Happy Birthday "

                                    Starbucks Gift card and he booked me a massage !

                                         My favorite Birthday present from my husband!      
                                       Ashworth Jewelry Armoire from Pier 1

                                                           Birthday gift from me !

                                          Curations Convertible Wrap Watch and Bracelet Set

                                                   I love my gift from my friend, Seng
                                                            Michael Kors sunglasses !
                                              Birthday Greeting from across the miles 
                                                     my Son, Ricky  via Facebook

                                                      Now off to dinner of my choice
                                               mmmmmm I was thinking what the heck
   I decided to go to Texas Cattle Company for the free Birthday Cowgirl Steak
                                                      This way Rick gets to eat a steak 
                                              (we don't eat alot of red meat in our diet)

                                                                First thing first
                                                     SoCo on the rocks for Rick 
                                                (always brings a smile to his face)

                                                   Red Sangria for me ......CHEERS!

                                  We started off with Bacon wrapped scallops -Yum!
 We were wondering where the cowgirl steak was located  that we were both
                           about to enjoy - it is the Short loin portion of the cow . 
                                      (This is why I don't eat alot of red meat ) 

         So I decided to also go for the Lobster so we can split Surf and Turf style! 

                                                        Big bite- oh so yummy !
                                    I have enjoyed a nice Birthday dinner with my husband !

                             We got home and Rick bought me a Birthday Cake !
                                                       Chocolate ofcourse !

                        My Mom called and both her & Rick sang Happy Birthday to me !
                                                    ( I had my mom on speaker phone)


                                                I made my wish ...hope it comes true......

                                                             just one more .....

                                                     Until Next year ...Best wishes !


                                      The next day my friends took me out
                                         for a Surprise Birthday Nite -out! 

                          We met up at my friends Jay & Jackie's house to get ready 

                                                                Louie beggin to go !
                                                       & Sebastian calling it a night!

                                                       Making ourselves look pretty
                                                             It is a natural for Jay
                                           While I did Birthday cupcake shooters ......
               More Birthday presents ...Thank you Suzanne & Jenny for my 
                               Happy Birthday glass & rock it out T-shirt  

                I'm sure I will get plenty of wear out of this T-shirt to Phoenix gigs
                                                                (Husband's band)

My friends ....
Jackie, Jay, Suzanne, Haylee, Jenny & Ashley


                                                       Lets get this party started !

                                           My friends ended up taking me to Ciro's in Tampa
                                                          I'm ready for a cocktail
                     The menu lights up -  A few Tapas  and cocktails were ordered
                   My first cocktail -Gin and Blackberry drink -Very yummy !
                                                             I enjoyed the Cheese fondue

                                                       I'm a Happy Birthday girl !

                                                                More drinks Please!

                       I had a taste of this one -Gin & cucumber -Pretty good
                                                 I had a Nice Night out with Friends !
                                                                    Jackie & I
                                                                     Suzanne & I
                                                                          Jay & I
                                                              What a Great smile !
                                                               The Pretty Ladies !
                                                            Happy Birthday to Me !

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