Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Grandparents Day !

                                                      Today is Grandparent's Day
                                  and I'm remembering my wonderful Grandparents.

                                                         Antoinette & Louis Russo

My Grandparents have both passed on in the late 90's I miss them both so very much.They both  have helped raised me & my sister with my mom. 

            My Grandfather is holding me and my sister is  on my grandmother's lap

They were always there for me and my family. They welcomed my husband Rick with open arms (well not at first since he was older than me ) and my Grandfather gave me away  & walked me down the aisle on my wedding day.
                                                       I will cherish that day always!

                         My husband enjoyed the many talks with my grandfather Louie...
(Great Referee too- at times he was the glue to help Rick & I mend lil spats)
                                              They both liked to Shoot the breeze....
                                   Notice how the Italians like to talk with their hands !

I miss all the talks on their back porch, I miss the calls everyday (I still remember their phone # 243-0659) just to check up on everyone , I miss the Holidays , I miss my grandfather's singing which drove my grandmother insane, I miss the way they use to argue and speak in Italian tongue, I miss her gardening (my sister took that trade up ) of tomatoes and monsagual (Italian basil and/or margaram) I miss how my grandmother would make chicken soup or  egg pastina when we were sick so many many great things I MISS OF THEM BOTH!

 They were the best Great grandparents to my son, Ricky . I just know my Grandfather would be so proud of my son being in the Air force and I know in my heart that Ricky looks up to him knowing he is following in his foot steps being in the Military.

            Old photo of my grandfather at the  far right bottom, served in the Army .

                                I know in my heart that they are looking after my son too!


                                             They both are an inspiration to me.

 I  have learned so much from them both. For example of a few lessons learned : Cooking & baking from my grandmother make sure you have your moppine  in hand (Everyone wanted to learn all her Italian recipes especially her meatballs) and my grandfather taught me how to drive. (As a child I would sit on his lap and steer .) I remember going to  the Italian deli's to get Italian bread, cheeses,olives  and meats going shopping to flea markets and thrift stores and always dinner was ready at 4:30  then coffee and dessert at around
 7 :00 because we had to watch the news at 6.
                                                                 Great memories !

                                May they both rest in peace and stay dear to my heart.
                                                       Thinking of you two Always!
                                                                 I love you both !

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