Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Keep Calm and Ride on....

I came home from work today and I was thinking to myself what type of exercise was I going do because I like to change up my work out routines so I'm going to choose Biking.

Before I get my bike gear on I  have to do a few things around the house.
 FIRST - I have managed to savage a Rose from my Birthday Bouquet.
 The remaining roses I cut off the buds to dry and place them around my candle in the bathroom.

                                  NEXT- I have bought solar lights to put outside . 
                                          Can't wait to see them light up at night.

                                                                 Humming Bird

                                                                        Lady Bug
                                   Hope our friend the "Owl" enjoys the light show.
                      I took these pics the other night I was trying to get up close 
                               & YES I was so afraid that he was going to attack me.
                                       The owl was just chilling on my lounge chair .


                                                                   Cute & Scary Fellow.

                             Ok let me take you on  my Bike journey ....The scenic route .....

                                                           Lets go ! Your in for a Ride !

                                                      Oak trees with hanging Spanish moss. 
                    These trees always look so cool to me so I like to take their photos.
                                         (However my allergies don't like them at times.)

                                        This house has a nice garden landscape.
Every time I pass this garden I feel I like I should stop and say a prayer so I did ...
"Lord, Please help me lose weight and get fit so I can feel good about myself . Amen!"

                                                       Approaching the park trail.
                                    The trail is 6 miles and I normally go around twice.

                           It is nice to be able to enjoy the Wildlife and Nature 
                                                     and get fit at the same time.

                                       I am about to enter the other entrance to the park.
          Passing the old houses of Heritage Village there are more than 28 historic structures and features, some dating back to the 19th century, include a school, church, sponge warehouse, railroad depot and store as well as a variety of historic homes.
                                             I stopped to take a picture of Mr Turtle.

                                                         I'm at the 4 1/2 mile mark

                                            I stopped to do some sit ups and step ups !

                                                                  Jungle Gym!

                                                            Ok that was only 1 sit up
                                                                2 sets of 15 to go !

                                                              Back on the trail
                                                                More tree pics

                                                               5 3/4 mile mark
                                                 Just around this bend I ran into
                                     Mr Squirrel  -he is so friendly and playful to watch.

                                                          What a Beautiful Day!
                                                                Sun about to set.
                                 Made it to the end actually 12 mile mark for 2 trips.

                                           Back on the sidewalk to the road home.

                                                        Ran into the Duck Family 
                                       ( They are going for a swim in Yucky water)

                                              April showers bring May flowers

 Almost home .....
watching this will make you feel like your on a roller coaster ride

                                                                         Home  Safe

                                                        Now for some Leg Magic.

                                                 Great leg/thigh workout 


 GREAT workout for today & its almost dark wanted to see if the solar lights lit up yet.

                                                               Have a Great Evening !

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