Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy ♥ Valentine's Day ❣

                 ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day
        I sent My mom and Friends some Love ❣
Cupid that I am... 
I wanted to let everyone know they are loved ❣
Hearts all around our Home
 Valentine RED & White Table Scape

My husband sure did make the day special ❣
I haven't been well for over a week now with doctor's orders of bed rest, no stress , 
& medication to hopefully help
 me feel better soon ❣
So to say the least I haven't felt so LOVELY❣
We normally celebrate Valentine's Day 
 with going out for a romantic dinner ...
so I wasn't sure how Valentine's Day 
was going to turn out  .....
Boy was I not disappointed ❣
My husband made it very Romantic
Here at Home

My Valentine & wonderful Hubby

With given the full treatment of LOVE
A warm Bubble bath was drawn , 
Flowers, Dinner , Chocolates....
 gifts to each other 

my favorite "Red Velvet Cake"
(Cheat day its not GD-Free)
 Ahhhhh I'm in Heaven
So Relaxed !!!!
Stress Free !!!!

 So Loved !!!!

The Flowers were perfect ...
Lovely centerpiece for my Diningroom table.... 
Dinner was awesome !
This is what warms my husband's heart
My husband's favorite Ribeye Steak & baked potato

Thank you to my mother in-law

 for the LOVELY and cozy socks & chocolates  
Rick & I got each other work out gear to work out once I'm feeling better....
After this wonderful Valentine's Day...
 I'm definitely on the road to recovery
Thanks to my wonderful husband 
who made this day so special  ...
I love you Forever

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