Saturday, February 1, 2014

Get 'er done!!!

To Do List

Yes I still do a TO DO LIST  every month !!!
By doing a To Do List is a tool that helps 
me get a step closer on being organized.
There was alot of tasks that didn't get done in January
 that transferred over to February .
(Slacker that I was...LOL)
To help make this list work effective....
 I take a few tasks from the monthly list
 and add to my daily To Do List.  
 Next I prioritize this list 
 by placing one of the
 following letters next to each task :
- Highest priority. Getting these items done tomorrow is very important.
- Medium priority. You would really like to finish / accomplish these
things, but they can wait if you run out of time.
– Lowest priority. Getting these items done tomorrow is not very

Take ACTION !!!
devote to each of these items,
making sure you take care of the ‘A’ items first and the ‘C’ items last.
Do this exercise daily
 It is an effective way of removing tasks from your list!!!
For me its one of my goals this year 
to getting myself organized !!!!
 I hope by sharing this tool will help others 
who are having a difficult time like myself 
on finding the time to get things done !!!

*Remember there are only so many hours in a day ... so Keep it realistic.                     
By the end of the week you should have crossed off 
about at least 5-8 tasks off your monthly list... 
I blogged a To Do List post  back in June of 2013 
if you want to revisit that post ...
Click link below :

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