Saturday, February 1, 2014

Knife Basics !

We have all  experienced a cut or two in the Kitchen
  when prepping for a homemade meal.
Here are some tips from my Chef Guru -Giada De Laurentiis
 on some knife basics!
I use her Mezzaluna Knife all the time ...
Love it !!! 
I highly recommend  getting her Knife set 
 that you can purchase at Target !!!!

I'm currently taking an on-line Complete Knife skill class 
to brush up on my cutting/slicing techniques...

You too can Learn to master the most
 important tool in your kitchen- FREE!


 Slice, Dice & Julienne like  a pro with this FREE online class 
from chef Brendan McDermott...
He is a highly sought-after instructor, and teaches popular knife skills classes 
at Kendall College in Chicago.  
Click link below to get started ....

Actually what I learned so far from this class is...
Slicing verses Chopping !!!
The Knife is designed to Slice Not CHOP!
So ...

Keep Slicing!!!!

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