Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June-To do list !

                          Ever since I took the Chalene Johnson 's PUSH Challenge 
                                                back in the beginning of the year 

                             I am in the habit of making a to do list every month...
with doing this has helped me tremendously in getting myself ORGANIZED...
so I don't feel so Stressed and overwhelmed all the time ....

                                    I start off with a master month task  list ...
                           I like to make my monthly header in a monthly theme ....
                         When I think of June it reminds me of the start of Summer
                                so Mr Sun looked pretty cool for my To Do list !!!!
Well I have to look at this list everyday 
may as well make it colorful & cheerful...lol~

                                                       The Mighty Message Center...

I keep my to do list on my Refrigerator next to my calendar 
where I can see it every day. 
Well as you can see this side of the fridge is
 actually my Kitchen Workstation....
 I magnet any notes, photos , events  that I receive onto my fridge
 and on the wall I file my mail   ...
 I always seem to find a task that needs to be done so I continually
 add new tasks to this list by months end.
(I need to add task -organize Kitchen Workstation..lol)
(I have stuff on my fridge since December...lol)

My normal routine every morning  is to make a daily to do list
 and add simple tasks to the daily list 
and then add at least 1-2 tasks from my monthly list.  

Example:   (Your daily list can be as short or long as you need it to be )
                    Work-Check Planner
                    Blog Father's Day
                    Pick up cleaners
                    Goodyear -Have tires checked.
                    Do a load of laundry- Listed on my Monthly task
                    Pay phone bill
                    Lunch with friend
                    Water garden
                    Plant Parsley in garden-Listed on my Monthly task
                    Hair appt @ 6-Listed on my Monthly task
                    Go to post office (Stamps)
                    Call Mom-see how drs appt check up went
                    Call for Garage door estimate
                    Library -return books
                    Work out-Bike ride to Park 
                    Before Bed -Read Chapter 10 of Eat to Live 

       *Remember there are only so many hours in a day ... so Keep it realistic.                     
By the end of the week you should have crossed off 
about at least 5-8 tasks off your master list...

 What ever task that does not get tackled from my June list will then  get transferred onto the following month and so on ...
 until the task gets crossed off.
                                 (My July To do list is ready for some tasks to be added...)

              Each month I get excited to see what tasked I have accomplished.....
                Hopefully one month I would be task free...
(but I very much doubt it )
Well one of my goals that I made for myself at the beginning 
of the year was to get organized 
and my To Do List is the tool I need that is helping me  
accomplish my goal !!!!

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