Saturday, June 22, 2013

How does your Garden Grow ????

Pati, Pati quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With tomatoes, peppers and all sorts of herbs,
sage,basil,parsley & thyme all in a row.

My new June gardening project is to attempt to grow another pineapple. 
Here's how to turn your store-bought pineapple into a thriving plant!

  1. Obtain a pineapple with firm, green leaves                                                                               (not yellow or brown).                                                                                                           (Mine was starting to get yellow so I had to get started today !)
  2. Cut off the crown and strip some of the lower leaves so that the stem is exposed.
  3. Turn it upside down and let it dry for about a week so that the cut end and the leaf scars can harden.
    (I skipped this step ...mine looked pretty dry to begin with )
  4. Put the crown in a glass of water until the roots start growing out.                                          ( Change the water every few days.)
  5. Once roots start to form -Plant the crown in an 6-inch  pot or directly in the ground in a sunny, warm and humid place.
  6. Water the soil lightly once a week.
  7. It takes about six months for the fruit to fully develop. The pineapple will grow from the flower, above ground, in the center of the plant.  
Wish me luck ...!
I also  planted some onions and garlic too.  These are pretty easy just plant the bulbs in soil .

An update on  my garden....

We have tomatoes .....
We are enjoying our 1st batch !
The taste of a home grown tomato is the best !
So fresh & organic !
No grapes yet ...I don't think I will produce any wine this year
The grapes and 2 fruit plants are still growing ...
A very talented woman once said .......


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