Tuesday, April 7, 2015

(='.'=) Hippity Hoppity Hobby (='.'=)

Hippity Hoppity Hobby
 I'm Getting Crafty!!!!
Monogram Easter Door Hanger
My first attempt at making a Burlap Bow!
(Not too shabby)
Here is how I made the Bow to go on top 
of my Pink & white polka dot Monogram "C".

  You will need the following:

Hot glue gun & glue stick
Burlap ribbon
Floral wire or Twistie tiebacks

1st step 
Cut burlap ribbon into 3 sizes.
(Depending on how big you want your bow)
I did a ...
64 inch
24 inch 
8 inch (cut in half)
 Assemble Bow:
Take the long ribbon piece and fold 
into a start shape of a bow.
then take the 24 in ribbon fold in half and place on top of larger size ribbon.
Pinch the centers together
wrap wire or tiebacks to secure.
Then wrap one of the 8 in ribbon
  folded in half
over the center wire  or tieback. 
Hot glue the ribbon together to seal .

Insert wire or tieback into 
back of bow
 to form a hanger.
Cut a decorative triangle into the  bottom hanging ribbons.
Assemble Door Hanger ...
Wala there you have it !!!
 It goes with my Easter theme at our home!!!
I think it turned out Cute !!!
All Ready for Easter !!!

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