Monday, April 6, 2015

Welcome Home Ricky!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! 

Which means ...
Congratulations in German !!!!
We are so proud of our son !
We wish him the best on his 
new venture to Germany! 
It was so nice for him to come home
 on leave before he heads off to another country...
I was sooo happy to see him ...
Right away the "Ricksters" 
headed off to Golf !!! 
Way over due 
Father & Son bonding time....
Of course
 they like to do that on the Greens!!! 
My son is a great golfer ...
1st Day of Golf 
with his Dad & Brian
(Rick only took one picture)
2nd day of Golf
with his Dad & Larry

My Ricksters!!!

 3rd Day of Golf
My husband took a few more pics of Ricky at...
 The Bay Palms Golf Complex -Macdill AFB
 PAR HOLES 2,4,6,8
Who do we appreciate ????

 Other than Golf ...
He spent some time 
meeting up with friends 
at the beach. 

 There is always Guitar playin in my house!!!

Ricky last night ~Family Dinner 
Toast to the best 2 years success in Germany.
My husband  is so proud of his son  &  his Ribeye steak
 he made for Ricky
It was huge & my son ate the whole steak ...
We sure did enjoy having our son home 
I'm sad to see him go , but also so happy for him !!!

He's off to Pittsburgh to see the Family!!!
It never gets easier saying Goodbye!!!

Thank Goodness for  Skype!!!
Here is our test run  with Ricky  in Pittsburgh..Lol
We had so much fun & a lot of laughs!!!
 Some pictures of Ricky in the Burgh...
When in the Burgh you gotta have a 
Primanti Brothers Sandwich !!!
Family Time !!!
David, Suzy & Grandma
Ricky had a wonderful time in Florida & Pittsburgh !
One thing had to go before he departs USA...
Shave time...
My son always grows a beard when he is on leave...
He is handsome either way !!!
My son is going to miss his best friend...
Gonzo ...
( Soooo Sad)
Gonzo is in good hands until his master returns !!!

Ricky made it to Germany Safe !!!!
Ricky make sure you come back !!!!

We Love  you !!!!

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