Sunday, May 10, 2015

✿ Happy Mother's Day ✿

Happy Mother's Day

Flashback a few years back....
 My son & I @ Planet Hollywood!
Mom & son Orlando getaway weekend!
It was a Blast!
I wish he was here today but he sends his 
Happy Mother’s Day wishes from Germany !!!

My husband made my day special with cooking me breakfast and then we went for a walk in the park .
He also treated me to a massage today ....
So off I went to get pampered & relax!!!
I came home & my husband had dinner already for me !!!
My husband is getting better at the Gluten free Lifestyle Diet only took him 3 years
Hoping every Mom enjoyed their special day !!!!

Moms are Beautiful !!!!! 
✿ Beautiful ✿

Happy Mother's Day

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