Thursday, May 21, 2015

Life is a Beautiful Ride !!!!

I love my Life Journey with my husband -Indeed it is a Beautiful Ride!
We love riding our bikes !!!!
 Last Saturday My husband & I went bike trailin at Eagle Lake Park 
It was a beautiful day !
Love being in the woods with this Guy !!!
We had fun biking through the trails ...

At times I was trailin behind ... I had to catch up 
We  love being outdoor when it comes to exercise  !!!! 

My husband it quite the romantic !!!
Yes we do hold hands on our bikes ...
When I finally catch up to him 
I really enjoyed our Saturday Bike Ride !!! 

What matter most is sharing my life with my husband!
I have to say it has been quite a Long Ride together !!!
I'm still loving every minute of it !!!

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