Thursday, December 8, 2016

It's 🎁 a wrap !

It's 🎁  a Wrap ! 

No Ribbons, No Bows, No Problem!!!
Thank Goodness I don't have a cat !!!
PomPoms & Yarn work for me !!!

I add PomPoms to all my Gifts !!!
Adds a little something extra fun
 gift toppers to your Christmas wrapping!!!

I put them on Gift bags & Boxes too!!!
More Pompoms Crafting ....
I was thinking of making 
a cute Christmas Wreath !
Image result for add pom poms to christmas gift for extra
Or something for the Kiddos 
to hang on the tree
Maybe some cute Snowman!!
Image result for add pom poms to christmas  craft
Image result for add pom poms  snowman

 What I did do was....
 added some pompoms to my
 Quilted Christmas Pillow
 that my Mother-in-law Debbie 
gave to me many... many... many... 
Christmas Years ago ...
 I just added some Christmas Red & Green 
pompoms and Walla!!!
 a new pillow !!!
Go Have some fun
 with some PomPoms !!!!
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