Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry 🎄Christmas 2016

Merry 🎄Christmas 2016

Pati Clark has shared a slideshow with you via CameraAce.

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A very Merry 🎄Christmas 2016

My husband & I  spent the Christmas morning in our Pj's  ...

Opening up our gifts ...

(check out video above link-*warning I'm not so pretty in the

then we went bike riding  to burn calories  for which
my husband cooked us a fabulous dinner !!!


Merry Christmas /Fröhliche Weihnachten !!!!  

We also enjoyed spending Christmas Day with our son

 Rick & his girlfriend Melina even if it's via Livestream !!!


  Made me sooo Happy !
To actually see them and talk to them at the same time !!! 
Very grateful for Skype and Facetime !!!

I just love and adore the both of them so much !!!

My son made a Spicy Deep Fried Turkey for their Christmas dinner and even his Dog Meika got to enjoy some

Go Steelers!!!

My husband & Son  got to watch the Pittsburgh (our hometown)

Steeler game together which was really cool !!!!

It sure was a Close Game 


Way to go for the win !!! 

 The Pittsburgh Steelers are AFC North champions !!!


Merry 🎄Christmas!


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